About Us

Gruber Pictures is a video agency located in New York City. It was formed in 2011 to provide nimble creative video marketing to brands and companies. We work directly with clients to produce original content with remarkably fast turnaround times.

Have a rush job? Our record is 7 days. That's lickety-split!

Commons Questions

What kinds of videos do we produce?

Commercials, branded videos, mobile videos — all kinds! Our favorite content to produce usually doesn't feel like an ad.

How do we do it?

We learn about you and your goals to create the perfect recipe for a successful video or campaign. Then we whip it up real nice.

Is Gruber Pictures right for the job?

Maybe! First and foremost, clients choose us because they like our ideas. Second, we conceptualize and produce videos specifically suited to their format (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) for the best possible performance.

Our speed and efficiency of conceptualizing, producing, and finishing a job entirely in-house with friendly transparency is just a bonus.

What's the cost?

Typically $25k-$200k, depending on the complexity and resources required to complete a project from start to finish. On rare occasions we give discounts for creative carte blanche.

Want to run a possible job by us?

Drop us a note!